It’s a personal choice

"I have a mammogram every two years and have since I turned 50. I think I underestimated the stress of being called back for more testing, but screening is a way for me to have peace of mind and know I am doing everything in my power to find a breast cancer early."  

Gurjit, 60

"I've decided to wait to start having mammograms until I’m 50. I don't have any extra risk factors, I’m healthy and I’m not very worried about getting breast cancer. Some of my friends have made the decision to start this year but I’d rather wait. It makes me nervous to think of being called back for more tests!"  

Julia, 40

"It’s been four years since my last mammogram. I discussed the pros and cons of continuing to screen with my partner and physician and I am comfortable with my decision. I accept that life is uncertain, and that I am taking the risk of not catching a cancer early."  

Margaret, 76

"I have a good relationship with my doctor, who felt strongly about me starting regular screening at 40. We made the decision together, and I go every two years."  

Lily, 50


*Quotes above are representative

Questions to reflect on

Consider these questions when thinking about when to start having regular mammograms. These questions will be included in your personalized printable Screening Guide. 


Look at each of the benefits, limitations or concerns on the list below and select which are most important to you.